Decomposer Discovery Outside
Describe the area in which you found a decomposer (ie. under something? shady area? moist? dry?)
They were under and on moist trees.

What type of decomposer did you identify?
We found an earthworm,moss and fungi.

What other biotic and abiotic things are in the immediate area? (List and describe as many as you can identify)
We also found silverfish,termites,mites,spiders,ants and flies.

What are the signs that decomposition is happening?
The signs decomposition we saw was rot.

What is the temperature in the exact spot you found the decomposer?
The temperature was 58 F.

What is the ground temperature in that area?
The ground temperature was 52 F.

What sunlight rating would you give the immediate area using the following scale?
external image placeholder?w=603&h=50

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Completely Sunny=1
Fairly Shady=4 (choice=3)
Very Dark=7