Decomposer Discovery Outside
Describe the area in which you found a decomposer (ie. under something? shady area? moist? dry?)
Our area is a moist wooded area it had lots of trees and it had shade but sometimes has a good amount of sunlight.
What type of decomposer did you identify?
We identified two members of the fungi family fungi and mushrooms. These two things were very similar in color they were a orange and white mix of color.
What other biotic and abiotic things are in the immediate area? (List and describe as many as you can identify)
We found trees that were dead and a lot that were still alive. We found bugs and mushrooms and also water.
What are the signs that decomposition is happening?
Signs of decomposition are that the logs are weak and we could break them easy some were hollowed out. The mushrooms were decomposing pieces of the branches and pinecones.
What is the temperature in the exact spot you found the decomposer?
The temperature in the spot we found the decomposing at was about 60 degrees.
What is the ground temperature in that area?
The ground temperature in that area was about 35 degrees.
What sunlight rating would you give the immediate area using the following scale? If the sun is out are spot it would be around a two.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

This is a mushroom decomposing a pinecone

These are fungi decomposing a log