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Decomposer Discovery Outside
Describe the area in which you found a decomposer (IE. under something? shady area? moist? dry?)
The area where we found our decomposers was under pine cones and decaying logs. Also, it was moist and fairly sunny.
What type of decomposer did you identify?
The decomposer type we found was fungi. The specific type of fungi was mushrooms.
What other biotic and abiotic things are in the immediate area? (List and describe as many as you can identify)
The other biotic and abiotic factors that we found were decaying logs, decaying pine cones, dead leaves, and trees.
What are the signs that decomposition is happening?
The logs were covered in fungi, the pine cones had moss on them, and the trees had moss as well.
What is the temperature in the exact spot you found the decomposer?
The temperature in the spot we found was exactly 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
What is the ground temperature in that area?
The ground temperature in the spot where we found our decomposers was 53 degrees Fahrenheit.
What sunlight rating would you give the immediate area using the following scale?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Very Sunny 1
fairly shady 4
Completely Dark 7

Picture of mushroom we took.

Picture of a log that was near our mushrooms